Who we are

Outpatient Healthcare Strategies is a diverse group of professionals that possess extensive industry knowledge along with firsthand operational experience.

We uniquely build upon the years of training and experience as executives that have succeeded in today’s competitive market. You can rely on Outpatient Healthcare Strategies to identify opportunities and assist your team to execute timely and proven solutions. We are driven to offer specific strategies and services to meet your needs, increase your efficiencies and deliver positive results.

What we do

We offer a unique combination of experience, insight and creativity to provide solutions for improving operational efficiencies, meeting key performance indicators and strategizing for future success.

Our methodology is scalable to meet the needs of your situation regardless of the size or scope of the project. You can choose from our menu of services to create a truly tailored fit for your organization’s needs.


Shannon Hylton


Shannon Hylton is the Principal of Outpatient Healthcare Strategies. For more than 23 years she has been the healthcare space with a specific focus on ambulatory surgery centers the past 12 years. Shannon has worked closely with Jessica Nantz, Founder of OHS in the ASC space, prior to the ownership transition.

Shannon's experience began as an RN in the ASC setting, quickly transitioning into a management role as Clinical Director and then as an Administrator for a multi-specialty center. Her hands-on clinical, operational, and administrative experience offers clients a wealth of knowledge in the outpatient surgery setting. Shannon's focus is on developing, managing ASCs without equity being required, and increasing operational efficiencies, ensuring compliance, and educating centers on regulatory aspects of the ambulatory surgical areas.

Shannon holds a Master's degree in Business Administration from Northwest Missouri State.

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Jessica Nantz


Jessica Nantz is the Founder of Outpatient Healthcare Strategies. For more than 24 years she has been consulting on, developing, and managing/operating ambulatory surgery centers. She founded mdStrategies, Inc., a successful ASC coding and consulting company in 2003. Jessica sold the coding portion of the company in 2005. Jessica then founded ASC Strategies in 2007 and in 2012 became sole proprietor of OHS. Her experience and expertise are focused on increasing operational efficiencies in all aspects of ambulatory surgical arena while understanding synergetic physician relationships are essential to successful operations. Jessica offers clients her expertise on all aspects of clinical, operational, regulatory, and financial operations. Her firm managest ASCs without equity.

Implementation Team

At Outpatient Healthcare Strategies we recognize that each surgery center has it's own unique set of goals and challenges. To better address these unique situations, we leverage our team of well known healthcare industry veterans, all with many years of experience specific to the outpatient arena — including surgery center administration, ASC design and development, ASC operations, financial analysis, mergers and acquisitions, ASC management, recruitment, and mentorshop, and strategic partnerships. By pairing the best experts to the correct client based on that client's individual needs, Outpatient Healthcare Strategies is able to efficiently solve difficult problems, build profitable surgery centers, and streamline ASC operations.

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We help outpatient centers, from coast-to-coast in both large and small markets, become more profitable. Our experts understand that each region is different and requires a specialized approach. No matter where you are, we can help.