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Clinical Accreditation, Licensing and Regulatory Compliance Our team of knowledgeable experts can provide your leadership with a workable plan and program that will assist with all required state, federal and industry applications, and accreditation surveys. Additionally, we can provide an analysis of preparedness and assistance with writing and executing Plan…
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Financial Financial Support Services  Our team will assist your organization with establishing the full array of financial services necessary to maintain and manage your business, including front office, billing and collections, accounting, accounts payable and purchasing. We can also assist your organization in preparing Annual Budgets, Proformas, Return on Investment…
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Strategy Strategic Planning Planning is critical to a healthcare business’s ability to make timely and resourceful decisions in a complex and changing market and environment, which is consistent with your objectives, long-term purpose and governing body philosophy. Strategic Planning is an important process to undertake to maintain a competitive edge.…
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Operations Oversight Management We will provide ongoing and interim management services without requiring equity. We are also flexible to provide a hybrid model of management services for your ASC. We will develop and implement proven systems for communicating expectations, improving performance and furnishing the tools the organization needs to produce…
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