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Oversight Management

We will provide ongoing and interim management services without requiring equity. We are also flexible to provide a hybrid model of management services for your ASC. We will develop and implement proven systems for communicating expectations, improving performance and furnishing the tools the organization needs to produce measured results. Our team will mentor the management team and assist in setting performance goals. We will assist in the development and implementation of your operational scorecard and performance metrics. We will make recommendations for improving efficiencies and profitability and conduct periodic on-site assessments.

ASC Management Recruitment and Mentorship

We will recruit and provide your new management staff with the tools to succeed and stay with your organization by spearheading the tedious task of training, onboarding, as well as providing ongoing support. We feel that there are future managers who have not had the opportunity for promotion based upon lack of experience in the role you are looking for. That is where we come in. By recruiting and mentoring, facility cost savings can be realized through budget-friendly salaries and wages while your newly hired employee gains experience.

Operational Assessments

We will provide an objective, comprehensive snapshot of your organization’s operational performance including past, present and the projected future of the organization. Our team of experts provides a fresh set of eyes and ears that will yield valuable insight into your organization. Our goal is to get a pulse on your business and identify areas for improvement.

Staffing Efficiencies

We will evaluate how well you are using your most valuable asset: people. Our team will ensure that the talent of your organization is aligned with the work that needs to be completed. By staffing wisely, we will assist you in improving your bottom line without sacrificing quality or patient safety. Our process is all about systematically analyzing your payroll, patient volume and productivity. Our team will work alongside your management to ensure ideal productivity is being met and patient care is safeguarded.


Our team of industry experts will work with your organization to identify suitable categories for your organization’s benchmarks and will provide the framework to establish the benchmarking process and keep it moving forward.

Satisfaction Survey Analysis

One of the most difficult aspects for an organization is to truly evaluate its performance and identify satisfaction. For physicians, patients and staff, our team of consultants will work with your organization’s leadership to create a tailor-made, serviceable tool to collect the data and provide an analysis of the overall satisfaction of your organization’s performance, issues and concerns.

Policy and Procedure Development

Our team of experts will work with your leadership to create and develop the policy and procedures that will be necessary to achieve and maintain accreditation. The policies and procedures will be developed in concert with your organization’s Medical Staff Bylaws and be tailored to your organization’s and accrediting agency’s needs.

Web Design/Development

Oftentimes your website is the very first impression your patients will have of your organization. With over 20 years in web design/development experience Outpatient Healthcare Strategies will work with you to create a patient-facing website that is sleek, functional, and effective. In addition, we offer SEO and ongoing site maintenance. We will adhere to your brand standards or even assist in updating them should you require a refresh. Contact us to see how we can make your organization stand out amongst the others.


Case Study

Read our Case Study of Total Pain Care.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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