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Accreditation, Licensing and Regulatory Compliance

Our team of knowledgeable experts can provide your leadership with a workable plan and program that will assist with all required state, federal and industry applications, and accreditation surveys. Additionally, we can provide an analysis of preparedness and assistance with writing and executing Plan of Correction reports, when required.

Clinical Assessment

Our team of knowledgeable experts will conduct a detailed review and analysis of your organization’s clinical services. We will work with your leadership to develop appropriate medical record forms to ensure compliance with all state, federal and accreditation standards. We will examine records closely for assurance of optimal delivery of patient care, proper documentation and evidence of continued evaluation of patients. We will analyze the flow of the OR to identify hidden efficiency opportunities that are commonly masked by reporting mechanisms and established processes.

Quality Management and Improvement Assessment

With new governmental reporting requirements correlating reimbursement to quality assurance standards, assessment of quality measuring tools is imperative to an organization’s success. We will show you how to use data collection tools, not only to meet government requirements but also to recruit physicians to your facility, motivate current physicians to save on supply costs and encourage employees to work as a team for the success of your facility.

Infection Control Assessments

We can provide onsite inspections to identify lapses in infection control techniques and protocols, and provide immediate solutions to any identified issues or violations. We will make recommendations for the elimination of any identified relaxed infection control practice. We will assist in providing education to the healthcare professionals that work in your organization. Further, we can provide best practices for the prevention of healthcare-associated infections. We can also assist in the assessment of the knowledge, training and vigilance of the designated Infection Control Nurse.

Safety and Risk Management Evaluation

We will evaluate, interpret and apply health and safety standards to ensure compliance with current rules and regulations. Our focus is to keep your patients safe, as well as your employees, physicians and allied healthcare professionals.

Anesthesia Services

Our experienced team of experts will conduct a needs assessment, participate in stakeholder interviews, provide a detailed data analysis focusing on the staffing model, review of billing, collections and AR management and determine the feasibility of establishing an anesthesia partnership.


Case Study

Read our Case Study of Total Pain Care.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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