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Strategic Planning

Planning is critical to a healthcare business’s ability to make timely and resourceful decisions in a complex and changing market and environment, which is consistent with your objectives, long-term purpose and governing body philosophy. Strategic Planning is an important process to undertake to maintain a competitive edge. We will assist the client to chart their destiny consistent with their corporate vision, organizational resources and external conditions and trends.

Feasibility Analysis

We will assist you in determining facility size and scope necessary to accommodate projected caseloads and capitalization costs, including equipment and leasehold improvements. We will work with the client to identify physician preferences including desired operational efficiencies, staffing, supply and equipment needs that would be needed at a new surgical facility in order to maximize utilization and profitability.

ASC Development

Our team has a long history of developing and building Ambulatory Surgery Centers throughout the country, and can work with your leadership and architect to ensure that your floor plan and patient flow are optimal. Additionally, we will work with you in project management role to ensure your construction stays on track and will meet all local, state and federal guidelines.

Acquisitions and Due Diligence

We understand that the Merger and Acquisition business is a people business. We assist you in creating business opportunities that deliver value. We represent the client in identifying facilities in their market that could bring value to the organization. We work with the client’s management team to negotiate terms of full or limited purchases of ownership interests in existing facilities in their market. Our team will also assist and work with your leadership to create and perform an in-depth Due Diligence Analysis to provide the organization with a clear understanding of what the potential acquisition will bring to the organization.

Joint Venture

Joint Ventures have emerged as an effective strategy to share both risk and reward, while avoiding the duplication of services between parties. Joint Ventures are common in today’s healthcare environment, aiding in provider recruiting and strengthening the bonds with the medical staff. Our experience, in conjunction with our critical financial and operational skills, can help you navigate these complex arrangements while understanding and accommodating the differing perspectives of the prospective partners.


Case Study

Read our Case Study of Total Pain Care.

We understand the importance of approaching each work integrally and believe in the power of simple.

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